We've been anxiously waiting. There's a location on the other side of town, a few miles away from campus. However, the 20 mile drive just to get a frozen confection is a little far for a regular treat.

So, we were happy to notice a new location closer to home being readied for opening. In fact, Ed and I drove by the location earlier this week to see how close to completion it was. Pretty close.

Tonight, Chef and I ran an errand to the nearby pet supply store. While waiting at the traffic light, we saw this fella:

ICE GUY!!!!!

This had to mean one thing: the new Rita's was open!

Chef and I quickly completed our business at the pet store (shampoo for Scamp and a laser pointer, at Chef's request) and we pulled into the lot, with Ice Guy happily waving. We gave him high fives.

The $1.00 gelatis were wonderful. I'm hoping that now that it's close by, I can use the promise of a trip to Rita's to corral the kids into doing my bidding...


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