70's Flashback: Wacky Packages

If you were a kid in the 70's, like I was, odds are high that you spent seven cents at least once for a pack of Wacky Packages (though we called them Wacky Packs).

They're back!

While shopping in Target tonight, Ed came up to me with a handful, telling me "I am spending ten dollars on these and you can't stop me." Back in the day, (eep, 40 years ago!) what he held would have cost .35 cents. Talk about inflation!

This time, though, you're not getting that stick of gum that lost flavor in 30 seconds. No, you get a refrigerator magnet. Back then, no way in the world your mom was going to put this magnet on the fridge, but now? Take a look at what will be on my fridge soon!

There's a bunch more, but you'll have to get your own!

What is sadder still is that I'm singing the jingles from back in the day, but with the new product names...


ligirl said…
Oh my goodness...I was in Target a few weeks back and very nearly bought these. What a dose of nostalgia! I LOVED these, and I remember every once in awhile, my dad would surprise me and stop on his way home from work and come home with a pack or two for me...(awwwww... :-) Didn't realize about the magnet...that's cool! For sure now, I'm going to go pick some up!
Ed said…
In five packs, I only got one magnet. If the stickers aren't enough for you to want to collect them, then you'll be disappointed.

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