Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outlook: Annoying

I am not a fan of MS Outlook. For years, it's been the vehicle by which computers get viruses. Nowadays, I think the protections enabled by employers that use it compensate, but this has made me steer clear of it.

However, at work, we use it-and the attached calendar tool. I share my calendar with everyone in the department, by virtue of what I do, they all share their calendars with me-it's good. I can effectively schedule appointments and the like.

This semester, my school schedule varies by day and by week. I emailed my boss the schedule, but everyone in the department needs it. Besides, a list of dates by day of the week wasn't easy to reference-for her or for me. She asked me to update my calendar for the semester.

I so wish there was a way to plug in dates, for instance "On theses dates, I will be unavailable at 2:45, Class in Tampa", but noooooo, I had to enter them week by week for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Now, 15 weeks are entered, and I'm annoyed with the kludge-y nature of Outlook. At least there won't be any questions about what time I leave each day!

2 People talked back:

songbird's crazy world said...

I am not sure I understand . . . You can do recurring appointments on an Outlook calendar.

Suzanne said...

Yes, you can. It'd be nice if my schedule for each class was the same each week.

Some weeks, I am in Tampa, which requires me to leave work fairly early. The next week, I may do an Elluminate session, which means I leave early-but not quite as bad. Then there are weeks where there is no meeting at all, it's completely asynchronous.

I just wish there was a way to say "these four Mondays, I need to leave at 2:45, but these 5 Mondays need to show me as unavailable at 4 pm". Does that make sense? It happens three days a week that my departure time is different based on live class, Elluminate or no class!