Gelcolor by OPI, Day Eight

The semester doesn't start until Monday, so I can actually do one of these mid-manicure updates this time.

The news? I'm seeing something I've never seen before. Chipping. What's sad is that I'm not doing anything extreme that would cause the polish to chip, in fact, I'm probably doing less than I normally do.

Take a look:

Maybe it's just a bad bottle, or the color has less gel than the last one I had (Bagota Blackberry). I will update again right before I get the next manicure to see how it holds up in the next week.

Still, if I'd had a regular manicure, it would have been completely trashed by now, so in that regard, the OPI Gelcolor is still a win.


Elaine said…
I have that regular OPI color on my toenails right now. I am not impressed. It is chipping quicker and goes on *very* thin for how dark it is. I put it on a week ago and have huge chips on a toe w/o any reason why. Toes usually last 3 weeks for me w/o issues really.

I also was upset to see how yellow my toes had turned after using another OPI dk red a while ago. I'm not going to do the type of polish you do as my nails grow too quick to use it w/o looking weird IMO, but I really am going to try other brands.

Using CND for my top coat and it is much better than OPI's IMO and trying Zoya since it apparently was designed for natural nails while OPI was for acrylics (what the beauty ladies told me). Goes on much nicer and definitely opaque for the shades I am using.

After a decade of using OPI I am turning elsewhere now.
Suzanne said…
That's good to know. Thank you for sharing the info.

This is only my second manicure with the OPI gelcolors. I've been using the CND Shellac since early June. No yellowing, but the base could be helping on that front.

I've got a bottle of OPI that a manicurist gave me with my traditional manicure a couple of years ago and that one did some cause the slightest bit of yellowing.

It's sad that you've used the product for so long and they aren't holding up with this one.
Elaine said…
I just realized it didn't say it was me (Elaine) in that post. I used to never have trouble with yellowing of dark reds until a couple years ago. I chalked it up to the specific color, but it happened again recently.

I have some colors I am going to toss now since they do not go on well and chip easily but don't remove well either. The last time I used a base coat, it was from OPI and it messed up my nails pretty bad, so I don't bother. Then again the yellowing is bad since I feel like i have to have my nails done if I see it.

I love doing my nails at home with my son so now we'll just find fun colors in newer brands that are cheaper too ;)

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