Cooking Channel FTW

Since Food Network has launched the Cooking channel, we have enjoyed the ability to see older shows that aren't part of the current FN lineup. (Hello, please bring back Doorknock Dinners. Please?) One of the most enjoyable parts of this review of older programming is the nightly Iron Chef America broadcast.

We realized tonight that the shows we've enjoyed this past week have all been Season One programming. Thanks to Wikipedia's list of ICA episodes, it was realized that they've begun playing the shows in order of battle air date.

Now, I'm trying to mark my calendar for the battles I've always wanted to see, but missed for some reason or another.

If you're like us, and want to check out particular battles, they're on episode seven, Battle Catfish tonight. Oh, and Jeffrey Steingarten appears to have judged four of the first seven battles.

Woohoo, food geek television!


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