Memory and the Trick it Plays

When I had GameTeen, he was a linebacker baby. He came out 9lbs, 11 oz and he bunked in the nursery next to a 5lb, 1 oz dainty little girl. He was huge, to the point that some of the newborn clothes I purchased and all the newborn diapers given to us did not fit.

Three years later, Chef was a smaller 7lbs, 13oz. It was a little strange to have a child that wore the same outfit home from the hospital and it was swimming on him, where his older brother filled that outfit nicely.

Still, they were small once. Much smaller than they are now (which really, is only a couple of inches shorter than me nowadays!) They were little and helpless, and I remember this, but only in a fleeting way, you know? I can remember how they looked, cradled in my arms, but how much almost 10 and barely 8 pounds feels? Not really.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I held a baby. A little baby, a barely three weeks old bundle of cute, of thrashing, flailing and crying because I am HUNGRY baby! I later tracked back and realized that the last infant I held was a 4 month old L-man, my nephew who turned 9 last week.

This little guy was born at 8lb 3oz, which puts him between my two weight-wise, but my word, he weighed nothing.

Those of you who have children who are not so small anymore, do you remember how that 8lb child sleeping in your arms felt sooooo heavy?

Yeah, not so much anymore!


My daughters were small. Jen weighed in at 6'8" and Becca at 7'8". They're grown women now (technically) and old enough to have babies of their own. I still remember how they felt in my arms.

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