The Party's Over

Back to work tomorrow...

It's been very nice having a vacation along with the kids. They start back to school in the morning, while I do next week.

Even though it has been vacation, some of the work of being a TA has been showing up in my school inbox. In a previous semester, we had course developer access to turn in class assignments (which still shows up in Blackboard). Two weeks ago, I got course builder access to previous semesters of the class I'm assisting, so that I could correct dates before importing the content.

This week, this semester's class went live, with everything-builder and instructor permissions. Last night, a new LMS, Instructure, populated. Now, I can help review and grade, modify course content as the Professor sees fit and learn so much useful stuff that I'll need for next year.

So, the vacation party is over, but the fun is beginning for the semester.


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