He Likes My Food, He Really Likes My Food

Game Teen is the odd man out in this house. While, Ed, Chef and I will eat all manner of epicurean delights, he revels in 'white' food. Pasta. Bread. Cereal (no dyes, remember?) Yogurt. Milk. Yes, we do get him to eat other stuff, but it's rare that he goes for something remotely different.

Which is why it is kind of surprising how much he likes pulled pork and beef brisket. He enjoys it, and we can get far more protein into him than normal by taking him to a 'que joint. Honestly, though, in the past year, I think he's gotten used to mom making pulled pork.

Today was the surprise. His school has their meals catered by a local BBQ joint. Yes, they serve a variety of food, but I ordered him today's meal, because it was an adult sized pulled pork sandwich. I knew he'd eat every last morsel. So it was a little bit of a surprise when I picked him up from school this afternoon and asked what he wanted for dinner from among the three choices I had ready.

I didn't even finish saying it when he responded 'pulled pork'. I mentioned that I knew he had it for lunch. "But mom, yours is better than the one I had today."

I take that as a HUGE compliment...


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