OPI Gelcolor, Day 14

I have a nail appointment tomorrow. This is my third go round with the OPI Gelcolor and this is what I'm looking at:
There's a noticeable difference between the CND and the OPI gel product, and for me, the Shellac wears MUCH better. There is a 'sealer' that OPI recommends nail techs put on a client's nail prior to the base coat. It is there to keep nail oils seeping through and preventing the polish from lifting.

Even with it, the gelcolor lifts and on two occasions, it lifted enough on my nails that I ended up with a naked nail or two at the end.

That said, take a close look at that naked nail. How many reports have you heard about the gel polishes destroying someone's nails? I'm here to show you that if you go to TRAINED nail tech, who is adamant about following proper procedures and instructs you in caring for a gel manicure, you will come out of the experience with better nails.

For me, I've slacked off on Katie's suggestion of using Solar Oil every day. I use it a few times a week, and it definitely makes a difference. That naked nail is stronger than my pre-Shellac nails were, so having constant gel product on my nails for almost 8 months HELPED my nails. If you're not using solar oil, consider it-or a daily liberal application of hand cream.

So, I'm contemplating only going one week with the OPI product. Yes, it maintains the shine and sparkle for two weeks, but all three rounds with it had some degree of lifting. I only had one so-so round with the Shellac out of many more.

I just wish there were more Shellac colors...


Hey there. I have enjoyed reading and seeing your posts about nails. :) I want to suggest to you to take a look at Fingernailfixer on Facebook. She has an unbelievable amount of photos that show layering, and believe me, there are an unbelievable amount of colors that you can use that, when combined together, give you new colors. It's called layering. Have you heard of that term? You have to have a Facebook account though. She has a Youtube channel, too, but only has the photos on her Facebook page though. Let me know what you think!
Suzanne said…
Yes, I'm quite familiar with layering. If you take a look through my pictures, you'll see several that feature the layering Katie has done in the 10 months I've been getting Shellac and OPI GelColor manicures.

Hilary at Solessence.com is another wonderful resource for pictures of layering. Yesterday, she shared quite a few pictures of CND Additives, which can be used with Shellac product. :)

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