Something New

This semester, I have two online classes. They are scheduled asynchronously, which means that the class does not gather at the same time for live sessions.

For the first time in eleven online classes, this online class will have about half of the sessions online synchronously. At least I don't have to drive to Tampa for class, but it felt strange to be rushing home to be logged in on time.

I was a little worried that world war three would break out with the boys, so I hid on the lanai, with instructions that they shouldn't bug me unless someone was bleeding to death. The good news is that they left me alone. I'm optimistic that they will continue to do this through the rest of the semester, but realistic that it probably won't.

The best part is that I feel I chose well between the two classes that both met tonight. I really like the professor teaching the other class and I definitely will take it later, but this class is much better preparation for next year.

Let the semester begin!


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