Getting Ahead Before the Semester Begins

I admit my geek status often. Instead of resisting it, why not just go with it?

Anyway, this week, two of the professors posted the syllabi for their classes. Within a couple of hours, they were printed and the assignments for one class were reviewed. A quiz taken, a discussion board topic responded to.

It really was relatively easy stuff, since this is my fourth semester in the program. The other syllabus laid out the seven assignments that must be submitted this semester. One is something I've done before (by virtue of doing video auditions for NFNS) and the rest can be accomplished by creating content for GameTeen's school website. The software we use and will be learning in the class are two products I own and have used quite a few times.

Normally, it isn't wise to do two production based classes in one semester, but there really wasn't anything left to take that I'd like, since I've met all the requirements except the number of credits. Thus, I have another production class, one in which we create actual content for a real client-and it ends up the client is another professor in the program. That will be really cool.

So, I feel like I'm in a good place for this semester. This is good, as I took an incomplete in one of the classes last semester and have this semester to wrap things up. All the more reason to get a jump on these other classes...


JW said…
I see the nerd,I mean the movtivation, in you. lol. I got my syllabus for my IT programming concepts class but not for the communications class.

My book for communications almost seems as if it insults my intelligence at first glance and after reading nearly the first chapter. Both are online so I wonder how it will go.


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