Momma Knows Best

About a month before she passed away, my Mom was still going out and about, shopping and trying to entertain family (mainly us, my Aunt, Uncle and cousin who lived about 20 minutes from her). She'd made a trip to the Beall's outlet, where she usually found something for Ed, me or the boys.

For instance, she'd found this Le Creuset knock off enameled cast iron baking pan that I admired. The next few visits to the store, she would scour the shelves, in hopes of finding one for me. She did-and that pan gets a heavy workout, since it is grill safe, oven safe and retains heat so well.

That last trip she made to the stores, she found something for Ed. He'd just returned to the workforce, and she found him a piggy bank. A special piggy bank.

A piggy bank that had a biker hat and "Harley Fund" on the side.

Mom knew, better than anyone, that Ed would be riding a Harley one day. He'd never said it, but she picked up on it just the same.

Mom does know best.


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