Setting the Week Up Right!

I found an excellent looking pork butt when I was in the supermarket yesterday. Don't you think?

So, I decided that if I stayed home today (possibility of seeing Liz and Greg today), I'd smoke that bad boy. Then I thought about the thawed boneless chicken breasts I had, and a London Broil also sitting in the fridge. Why not make them all? I did!

The broil turned out lovely, and was refrigerated whole. I'll slice it thin tomorrow and make some cheddar melts.

The pork was pulled, with Ed and I having sandwiches tonight, and we'll probably have more another night this week. The chicken provided tonight's dinner for the boys and I've got 5 breasts left, ready to be incorporated into one or two meals, since we tend to make more chicken than we need for a meal to do just that.

This now saves me from the scramble to make food tomorrow night before my Elluminate session, Tuesday night before that Elluminate session and probably will put me in a good place to make something Wednesday for the boys to consume while I'm at Thursday night's class.

Now the gears are turning-what can I grill next week to set me up the same way?


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