Buried Treasures

I don't know why, but the last day of semester break is when my motivation kicked into gear with regard to the dozens of household projects I'd wanted to work on. At least I'm rested.

Anyway, we're awaiting the approval from Serta to replace our 20 month old memory foam bed. It has two valleys, which it should not have and this apparently was a problem with many of the beds manufactured in early 2010. Lovely, right? Well, this potential disturbance of the bedroom has inspired me to clear out clothes that don't fit, unpack boxes that haven't been disturbed since we moved to Florida and potentially get the Polynesian Resort armoires out of our garage, painted and placed into the bedroom.

I opened boxes and found all manner of memories, like the wiggle worm that was GameTeen's constant companion his first year of life. Ornaments the boys made us. and going back even further, a blast from my geeky past:

I joked about wearing it to CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), which is going on this week in Las Vegas and Ed says I'd probably have participants offer me top dollar for that shirt.

Alas, the boxed software doesn't have as much sway-I found it on eBay for 1.99.

Still, it's cool to find geeky stuff in the boxes.


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