I had high hopes for three classes this semester. We didn't have the Jane stress, it'd be pretty simple.

Then I got a job. Then I couldn't get my butt in gear because I was so fried from all that had gone on since late December.

If I'd started working on this class the first day of the semester, (which I couldn't w/o a syllabus) I might have been okay. The syllabus didn't show up until a week later.

The other two classes are heading firmly into the A category, but I'm so far behind that even being 150 pages into the 744 pages seen above, it'll take a lot of sleepless nights to catch up-to get a C.

I want to spend time with my family. I want to get good grades in both of my remaining classes. I want to kick butt in this new job.

So, the white flag goes up, and Web Programming gets pushed back until the fall semester. Fifteen weeks to get the same assignments done will be a less insane pace.


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