We don't have a land line in our house. We ditched having one several years ago, when we realized that several months would go by before picking it up to make a call. The cell phones are always handy, and even with the lowest family plan, we rarely used our minutes. Enough of our family and friends had the same carrier that we wouldn't burn through minutes. (The only time we went over minutes was the month my mom passed away.)

As a result, we got Chef a cell phone of his own two years ago. His best friend had the number, Ed, me and Jane. That's it. The annoying thing about that phone is that if it is charging, it does NOT ring. So, half the time, you try to reach the kid and you can't, because the phone is on the charger. It is annoying. As the contract is up on that phone, we'll be replacing that Sony Eriksson phone for just that ONE quibble-other than that, the phone is great.

So, if Chef's best friend wants to call him and can't reach him, who does he call? You guessed it. And 11 year old boys don't seem to get the concept that if a person hasn't answered the phone, perhaps they are not available? Napping, studying, WORKING, or maybe have the ringer shut off because they don't want to be disturbed?

Yeah. He called EIGHT times in a half hour on Friday. I was studying and had the ringer turned off, then saw eight missed calls and one message from the same unfamiliar number (Which I usually don't answer, anyway.) That message was, based on the times shown on the phone, the eight phone call, with an exasperated 11 year old leaving a message.

I called him back, said this weekend was not a good time, so perhaps Tuesday would be better.

It's Tuesday. I'm at work and again, my ringer is shut off, on the off chance that I'll have cell phone reception at my desk. When I left work, many missed calls from two numbers, one I know is the best friend's and the other unfamiliar, but after all these calls, that number has a message from the best friend again.

It's 5:30 when I get the message, and a little late to coordinate a sleepover for tonight. I call back and make arrangements for tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a slow burn. Jane was also notorious for this, calling numerous times without leaving a message, then leaving one with a pissed off tone when I don't answer the first five times she called. To say that it cheeses me off would be an understatement. Even before Jane started doing it to me, but that just conditioned me to be extremely negative when someone else does it.

Am I wrong for being annoyed with someone who does this?

When the 11 year old boy is here tomorrow, I will politely explain that if he leaves me a message the first time he calls, I will call back when I am able to do so. I will also explain that I don't call back any missed calls that don't have messages.

Is this a sign of the times?


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