Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Time Marches On

I'm starting this off with a confession that I'm pretty sure I've shared before: I can't stand Bruce Springsteen. His voice and horrible lyrics just turn me off. It is better to listen to Bruce's songs covered by other artists, mainly because I cannot stand his voice. (To my New Jersey friends: I know it's a law that you all like 'The Boss,' but I've never resided in the Garden State and am therefore exempt from the legal ruling)

However, from the first Bruce song I ever remember hearing (Tenth Avenue Freeze Out), the thing that always stood out was that saxophone. As I didn't like The Boss, I never made an effort to find out who was blowing that sax so fine. It was that instrument that made all of Bruce's songs great. Can you honestly imagine 'Born to Run' or 'Rosalita' without it?

In the mid-80's, a song came out and got heavy rotation on MTV, in the days when they actually played music videos. I watched, because Jackson Browne was a staple in my house as a kid. It was then that I found out the Sax Man was Clarence Clemons.

I feel for Bruce and the rest of the E Street Band, because the man's contribution to the music was just phenomenal. No one can fill those shoes musically, and from what I understand, that song from the mid-80's summed up the man's way of walking through life.

I hope you got a nice new saxophone, Big Man.


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