Learning On the Job

This Outlook thing has really been interesting.

For work, our email is all done through Outlook. The good part is that I can't access it from home. The bad part is that I can't access it from home, too. We currently use a proprietary scheduling product, but we are pretty sure we'll be losing it in the near future.

So, the hunt is on to find a program that will do scheduling for us, similar to the one we already use, but with the added ability for people to 'check in' on a laptop when they arrive for appointments.

Others are working on finding alternatives, perhaps even paying to have something built, but I'm sure there's something already available that does what we need. I'm just not familiar enough with the Outlook product base and add-ons to say 'Hey, this does what we need.'

They're paying me, but I'm learning useful things that have practical applications outside the job...


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