Life With RSD, the Suzanne Edition

There are things about RSD that one never gets used to, or thinks they've figured out, only to find they were wrong.

To whit:

The hair on My Stupid Leg barely grows. I have to shave it every few months for the couple dozen dark black hairs that show up on my pasty white skin. The other leg doesn't have this issue, in that the hair grows normally and is a very light brown.

Saturday, I noticed a patch of black hairs and decided to shave and instead, sliced my leg. I had a 2 inch long gash that was bleeding like a stuck pig (and didn't seem to clot very well for someone with a clotting disorder!) and after a half hour, it'd stopped enough that I could put a few band aids on it.

They'd get replaced daily, with the adhesive irritating the heck out of me (yet another stupid allergy). Finally, yesterday, I decided that I'd air the gash out, in the hopes of healing quickly.


It's been a while, but I forgot that RSD + drying wound = intense pain, a la Vern Troyer stabbing my ankle with a machete pain. This time, it was my calf. Yep, my leg freaks out when I try to do something normal for healing.

I went and got bigger bandages and Neosporin with pain reliever in it, not that it could do anything for this pain. Twenty four hours later, it's starting the same routine, so I need to redress this stupid thing.

Just when I think I know my RSD, it reminds me of what I forgot!

Oh, and I decided to tweeze the few hairs that were there after I injured myself and found that is not a good idea, either. Normally, I don't have a problem with tweezing hair, but this was bad.

I think I'm going to let my leg get as hairy as a gorilla's after this.


DevereauxNJ said…
Hi Suzanne, found your unna boot post , I also have one on & it sucks. Left leg is unhappily clad in pink bandage hell as you aptly described. My name is Dev, 55 yrs old, female in normally good health until a scraped my left leg ...

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