Getting to Play at Work

Since I've owned a computer (1991), I've enjoyed creating forms for whatever employer needed them. Heck, at one time, I had a great bartering deal going with the espresso cart in the mall when I lived in Maryland. I had one of the best home graphic design packages on my computer, and I made them some really nice menu signs and fold up menus. In return, I had plenty of free biscottis and Earl Grey tea gratis.

Anyway, forms and signs are my thing. I enjoy creating them. Most retailers give their stores bare bones computers with very structured tools without productivity software like Office, so if there's a need for something, you have to create it yourself. Excel is a pretty good program for basic things, and now that I know how to navigate Photoshop, it's another good tool.

As I was getting the information about this morning's staff meeting (that I don't have to attend at this stage of the game), I was told "we need forms for this, that and the other" and I was asked if I would do them, since I'm the techie.

Yay. I get to create, heck, it looks like I'll be the go-to person for this stuff. I'm happy.


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