Are you following the Casey Anthony trial?

I've been following it, because three years ago, it was impossible not to see and hear the news about the missing toddler. Early on, when she was supposedly missing, a blog I followed had a bunch of us discussing it and how unbelievable Casey Anthony was. We were all convinced that the mother killed her child and hid the body-long before Caylee's remains were found.

Living here in Central Florida, there's a lot of coverage of the case, and I'm following it through several recaps every day, mainly because I cannot sit through the coverage.

However, her bumbling lawyer (who got his Juris Doctor from Lawyers R Us, IMO) promised a bombshell. Today it was delivered, in Casey's mother perjuring herself, contradicting the depositions she gave and several statements she made to law enforcement at the time.

Her demeanor was a complete 180 from what she displayed a couple of weeks ago when she testified for the prosecution as a broken woman, devastated that her granddaughter was dead. Now, she's a nervous, jittery person who is resolute in recalling things now that she couldn't three years ago.

So, which is it, Cindy Anthony?

I'm thinking the mother will now have an adjoining cell to her sociopath daughter, thanks to today's testimony. She lost her granddaughter, doesn't want to see her daughter on death row, so she's willing to lie under oath and spend time in jail herself to create reasonable doubt.

I sure hope the jury is good at sorting the lies in this case...


Jess said…
Riveted. Absolutely riveted.

(I agree with you, by the way!!)

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