Heigh Ho

We bank with Disney's credit union, Partners. It's a carryover from when I worked for the mouse, their service is top notch and well, since everything is done online, there wasn't much need to open accounts elsewhere.

It's very unusual for us to actually have to visit a branch, what with the ability to deposit checks at other credit unions, which we have several of in town. However, today, we needed to travel over to Orlando to do some business in person.

Last time we visited the branch at the Team Disney building, they were doing a lot of renovation work. If you've never seen the building, it was designed by Arata Isozaki and is supposed to be evocative of a large passenger ship. To complete the effect, there were large man-made ponds in front of the building.

An architect's rendering of Isozaki's vision:

Today, we went over and discovered that renovations were long completed. The ponds gone, replaced with grass. The main entrance had a circular planter, but it's been modified:

It was so cool to see an update with a nod to the fact that this building is utilized by 99.5% Disney employees. (the bank branch gets the odd non-CM, like us).


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