Providing What Was In the Past

At work, I'm at a desk that was previously occupied by an employee who has been moved to our other location downtown. Who that was, I'm not sure, as fifty people moved there, but her mark has been left. (While not a receptionist, my desk is in a reception area and I do check in some people.)

All day long, I'll get requests for the things she did before, like "where's the candy bowl?" and "what happened to the music?" I take them in stride, and explain that my superiors haven't provided the former and well, my computer couldn't help me provide the latter. Not with 1 meg of ram and no Senuti to transfer my iPod library, that is.

Last week, tech support upgraded me to 4 gig, so I could actually open my Outlook email and not wait ten minutes for it to load. This mean that perhaps I could actually have other windows open-you know, like the product name implies? Yesterday, I finally got around to creating a Pandora account to use on the job because a friend climbed under my desk and determined why my speakers weren't working.

That was fun. My personal Pandora, used for a few years now, has definitely tweaked itself to my eclectic tastes, some of which probably would not be well received in an office environment (Pandora knows my like of some songs in the heavy metal realm, my coworkers don't). As I was creating, the friend asked if I liked Jazz. This resulted in me launching iTunes on my MacBook and sampling some of the artists in that genre for him.

Typically, my laptop stays silent while I study, or I cycle through songs over and over on iTunes to the point where they become soothing instead of distracting (the same Russian chant, for instance), so working with music going is no longer familiar.

We'll see how it goes-and how Pandora reacts to my likes and dislikes...


JW said…
Funny, when I am at work and work by myself I usually have talk radio on. I start with WUSF for news until around 7am. Then switch to 933 MJ until 9ish. Then switch to WMNF to hear the Pacifica program and Amy Goodman. She is annoying to me but I still listen. After that I will switch back to WUSF and only switch to music if the talk has nothing for me. In which case it is etiher 98rock or 1025 the bone.

But if I am working with someone it is either on 94.9( GEEZ) or it will be on some country station or something other than rock.

I think I get music'd out very quickly anymore and just like to hear talk radio or documentaries.

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