Es posible que

Mi iPhone es muerte.

Last week, I noticed it wasn't charging with the car charger. Chalking it up to a charger issue, I brought it in and charged it with the USB charger on my Mac. I didn't think it was charging as well as it had been, because it'd die before the day was through. However, I was busy and didn't really put two and two together.

Last night, it went on the charger around 11pm. When Ed went to charge his phone beside it, a couple of hours later, by normal standards, it should have been fully charged, but was showing 7%. He switched which charger it was on.

I got up this morning and it was at 11%. Left the phone at home and took Jane's with me, thinking it's a good thing we have a spare phone until October-but lamenting that I didn't have my contact list in her phone.

When I got home, despite charging all day, my phone was at 11.7% AND it didn't recognize my finger swipe across the screen to unlock it in an attempt to look up our HVAC guy's phone number.

The only thing that's out of the ordinary is a small crack on the bottom of the phone, just above the charger insert.

Like I said, it's a good thing we have a spare, but now I don't know how to get my stuff out of this one!


ligirl said…
Sorry about the phone (believe me, you know I KNOW about busted iPhones) but the Shellac looks FABULOUS!!!!! :-)

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