A Cool Addition to My Job Description

In my touch base with my boss today, we were going over things I need to do. Shredding, filing, still waiting on IT to give me access to the software I need to do a large portion of my job (and help me to do a great purge of old files, too.)

She tells me "one of our goals this year is to set up a blog, and I want you to do it." Really? Me?

I restrained myself, because jumping up and down about getting to do something I really enjoy and get paid to do it would have irritated My Stupid Leg more than it's already messed up. Meanwhile, I set about starting the Facebook page and will show her tomorrow our blogging options.

Then I'll hit up everyone in the department on topics they thing should be addressed. Hopefully, that'll give me plenty of fodder to get things rolling. Unlike this one, that blog will probably be posted weekly to be a resource for those we assist.

Still, I've really been enjoying what I do, and this is like the cherry on top.



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