What's For Dinner Wednesday

Even though Florida is the ONLY state in the US to be free from snow, that doesn't mean we're free of frigid temperatures. See?

With this cold weather, our Central A/C unit motor decided it would quit working, so it's a little cooler in the SuzanneCalling house tonight. Initially, I thought that dinner would be something that required the use of the oven, but a quick poll of the menfolk revealed that they had other plans. Chef got his choice tonight, Mom's Chicken noodle soup. It's a smart way to warm all of us up, especially since the HVAC repairman had to order a motor.

I freely admit I take a shortcut to homemade soup by purchasing a rotisserie chicken. Most of the supermarkets around here sell them for a buck or so more than buying a whole chicken, and it saves a bunch of time. Mine has the egg noodles we prefer, a boatload of basil and a lot less salt than what comes in a can. Then thin slicing carrots, onions and celery in the food processor takes seconds. The best part (to me) is that I can put a ton of chicken in the pot.

Now, if only it photographed well, because this is after Chef's three huge bowls, Ed's two and my one. (GameTeen opted for some leftovers)

Tomorrow, Ed gets his way and I'll make a batch of marinara and meatballs, and we'll commiserate with friends up north complaining of the cold weather.


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