All Quiet on the Jane Front

Which is to say, it's nice, but it won't last.

Somehow, the social worker (miracle worker, more like) appealed to her director, who appealed to the director of the rehabilitation center. Jane was given seven days (and seven days only, Vasily) to get as much therapy in before being sent home.

Jane neglected to inform us of that tidbit when she left messages for me and Ed and actually got to talk to Betsy live. Jane was informed repeatedly that she has to work her ass off in that short period of time she gets.

The social worker also told her that she has to stay out of the hospital for 60 days or Medicare won't pay and that honestly, she is incapable of living on her own and should consider a skilled nursing facility.

Gee, this is the same thing she was told by a different social worker in October. What I really liked about this one is that she actually went back and looked through the notes and made the phone calls to get the big picture, even calling Jane's old assisted living facility to get more details on the 'it's a lovely day, I'll go for a stroll in 115° heat' incident.

I told the social worker that I'd bitten Jane's head off in a phone conversation the other morning after we'd hung up and she told me "GOOD! Jane needs to understand that everyone doesn't bail her out whenever she screws up." She urged the three of us to give Jane consistent tough love, refusing to do the things like go grocery shopping (her rent covers three square meals a day). She feels that Jane needs to be completely on her own to realize that hey, I can't do this stuff.

Monday starts school and well, if I have school work to do, I sure as heck am not dropping it because "You need to..." as Jane is so often telling me. No, I need to get good grades, so I can provide for my family once I get my degree.

Ultimately, the social worker echoed what all of us have been seeing-that the situation looks pretty dire, but Jane needs to see it for herself. I'd reached the point of disgust that any advice and suggestions any of us make that can ultimately help her has been blown off, so why bother anymore? I am not doing it.

Let's see if she gets the message this time. I doubt that she'll get the wake up call in time.

It would be wonderful for Jane to prove me wrong.


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