Annual Blog Delurking Day

I see you! Yes, you! Reno, Richmond Hill, Olean, Akershus, London, any number of cities in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Heck, I even see Googlebot visiting me a few times a day!

If you came to see my Unna Boot, Jim Carrey wearing Jenny McCarthy's swimsuit (which frankly, looked a lot better on him than it did on her), read my rants about Michael Savage, look at pictures of camping at Ft. Desoto, wanted a maid or want to know about foreclosure, stick around and say hello. I post pictures of food, of drinks and I don't bite. Well, not much.

If you came because any sort of word combination banned and a Disney fan website, I stopped posting about those things over two years ago-but those half dozen posts are the most often read on this blog.

What brought you here? What is your name? your quest? Your favorite color? Are you searching for the six fingered man, because he's not here?

If you've got a blog, let me know. I'll come read it.

Delurk. You know you want to!


Loralee Choate said…
That is the most awesome photo! Heh! xoxo

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