Castillo de San Marco

Last August, we spent the day in St. Augustine with Donna when we were returning from our trip to NY. That day, we walked St. George Street and visited the Castillo de San Marco. Unfortunately, the skies were threatening and lightning had been viewed in the distance, so we couldn't visit the top of the fort.

Today, the weather was gorgeous and we spent the majority of our stay topside enjoying the view.

Our arrival time was perfect for seeing re enactors set off two 6" cannons. While this docent spoke in English, the reenactment itself was in Castillan. That was pretty cool.

Watching them push the cannons to the wall looked similar to curling

Cannon powdered, loaded and fused. Waiting for inspection.

Cover your ears!

It was great spending the day with Donna and seeing a piece of history relived.


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