Photo Hound

I am a shutter bug. Okay, scratch that-I am a frustrated shutter bug.

The things I see on a daily basis cry out for me to capture them on film, or rather, in pixels. Years of viewing the world through the view finder of various Minolta cameras has me framing images wherever I go. Sometimes, I make an effort with one of the point and shoots or my iPhone.

The local obsession has appeared on the blog now and again. I am a sucker for neon. The way it glows, the saturation of color, the nostalgia it evokes. This part of Florida is abundant of tubes of colored inert gas, and I've said for ages that I want to head out with a good camera and a tripod and do a photo essay of a time gone by that still is here.

One of the locales that is at the top of my list also photographs well in the daytime, especially with the cool iPhone Hipstamatic app. I added all the lenses and film to it last month with part of a graduation iTunes gift card. Due to bright light, my detour to take these pictures today, I didn't know that I was capturing these pictures in black and white.

It was just that much cooler when I got home and realized that instead of paying top dollar to develop black and white film when I used to use my Minoltas, I achieved that look for a few bucks.

Still, the call of a camera that has versatility has been there for a long time. Last week, as I listened to a professor explain that assignments must include our own original work-including pictures and video, I realized the time had come. Among the purchases for grad school will be something I've wanted for a long time.

Soon, the images you see above will be taken at night, with a tripod, so that the richness of that neon can be captured in all its blazing colors. And I'm really looking forward to taking those drives after dark to collect all those photographs I've been framing in my head for the past few years.


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