Legos as Weapons

Yesterday morning, as I entered GameTeen's bedroom to wake him for school, I stepped on a lego.

If you haven't experienced this joy, probably because you experienced the joys of stepping on Barbie shoes, these hard plastic objects are sharp. They hurt. Did I mentioned that they're sharp?

Anyway, lucky for me, I stepped on the offending plastic weapon with my right foot, the edge gouging the arch of my foot. I stumbled and my right hand jammed the edge of the child's bed. Hard.

Once again, lucky for me, because I'm left handed. Forty hours later, the pinky still hurts. Thankfully, it isn't discolored or swollen, but very tender. I dodged a bullet, but it's probably sprained, since I can't bear weight or carry stuff with it.

The pinky is now buddy taped and I'll be typing a little slower.

And giving the military a call about inexpensive weapons programs...


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