The Grill, Five Months Later

When we spent the money on the grill, (with tax, almost 200 dollars more than I'd had in mind), I knew that it'd pay for itself in under a year with our desire to use it and eat at home more often.

Little did I think that we'd do it in five months.

By my calculations, the net difference between getting pizza take out and making it at home (less that 5 bucks on ingredients and pellets vs. $25.00 for the equivalent amount of pizzas), we've saved the value of the grill by having them at home.

Besides, grilled pizza kicks butt compared to all the chain restaurants, anyway. There's only one place in town that makes a pizza that meets our standards. Heck, at that, half the time Ed tells me he prefers my grilled pizza over getting a pie at Romeo's.

I'm so glad that we walked into the grill place five months ago and was intoxicated by the smell of 'que. Who would ever think that we'd spend more time making pizza on the thing?


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