I finally got my Paprikash today.

I've been making it since about the time that "When Harry Met Sally" came out on video and found the recipe in a Jewish foods cookbook (wish I had that sucker, it had some great recipes, but it was borrowed.) There aren't that many ingredients to it as it is simple peasant food.

Anyway, ever since, if I mention it and someone has made it, I've been told I put in far too many onions (I sliver 3, the original recipe called for six). I decided to check out what Wikipedia said, and it gave general information about goulashes in general. Mmmm, goulash.

So, I Googled recipes and found this one, which is fairly close to mine. I use the above mentioned onions, 4 cloves garlic, half the broth, and I don't use ginger or bay leaves. However, that last ingredient perplexed me a bit.

The instruction to 'eat the fudgesicle while the food cooks' was inspired.

As I took the picture, I thought of success on another front. After nearly two weeks of research, I decided on a camera and ordered it. It will be very cool to take those pictures with a camera that's designed to perform extreme close ups.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear some leftovers calling me.


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