The Awesomeness of a Cheap iPhone App

You've seen it here many times before, the fruits of the Hipstamatic app:

The addition of all the Hipstapacks has made me happy, especially for the addition of black and white. Scamp was being especially cooperative last night, thus the picture you see.

I posted another from his little session with me (I took two shots each with all the lens options with the black and white film) to my Facebook page. A friend decided he was going to have some fun in Photoshop, and posted this to my wall this morning:

It was a good segue into what I was studying today. In one class, I've got a big project in Photoshop, and it was good to see someone play with one of my images in the program to create something I found amusing.

We'll see what I come up with by the end of the semester.


Anonymous said…
I have this app as well. My favorite!

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