Search Engines Are Not Created Equal

For one of my classes, which is akin to "Internet 101," the first assignments are to do some studying about search engines, create an Internet scavenger hunt, post on the discussion board for the class and a few other simple things. Oh, and I've got until February 14th to do them.

Knowing my propensity for procrastinating until the very last second, and also knowing that my other two classes are more labor intensive, I figured I'd work on the simple stuff and get it out of the way until the next batch of work is doled out. Which lead me to reading about subject directories, search engines and deep web tonight.

To do the assignment, some visits to these sites are necessary. We're to write up what we found when searching our subject of choice.

As the focus of the class is educational uses, I decided to search Asperger's Syndrome. There's a method to the madness, because it might lead me to more research papers on the topic for another class project later next month.

Anyway, the instructor provided links for two search engines geared towards younger users. Typing 'Asperger's Syndrome' into Ask Kids, and you get a fairly respectable selection of sites to visit:

On the other hand, if you type the same words into Yahoo.Kids, you get something less than stellar.

ONE response for Asperger's Syndrome and then any other syndrome under the sun. Like a kid researching Asperger's really wants to know about Kleinfelter's, too.

I think I know which one I'll be sending the boys to when they need to find something out and filtering is necessary.


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