Eight Bucks

One of my professors for the upcoming semester sent out an email a couple of days after Christmas. She welcomed us to her class and asked all students to complete a small survey to better understand us and our expectations for the class.

It's an Educational Psychology class, so I'm combining my past with my future in this class. One of the questions was how many psychology classes we'd previously taken. 'A lot." works for me. She asked which segments of classes we feel are most beneficial, lecture, student presentations, reaction papers, and several other options.

Finally, she informed us which text we would be using, the ISDN and that 'you can find it on eBay starting at two dollars.' That was actually a study guide, not the textbook-but there were plenty of copies of the book on eBay and Amazon. I found described as being in good condition for eight dollars and went ahead and bought it. (Note: the campus bookstore indicated a different text, one that cannot be purchased used and would have cost nearly 20 times the cost of this one!)

The book arrived the other day and is in far better condition than described. If not for the course numbers stamped in the front cover, I'd say that it had not been used. Once again, I scored a deal from online.

Last night, insomnia struck and I cracked open the text. What the heck, classes start a week from Monday, might as well get a jump on a chapter or two. I'm the weirdo who reads the introduction, and I saw that many of the topics we'll cover were addressed in Cognitive, Psych of Learning, Motivation, Social Psych and even Psych of Aging to an extent.

In reading the first chapter, I could hear Professor Holley (one of my favorites) reciting the words on the page, mainly because I'd heard those exact words in her lectures over three semesters, mainly 'correlation does not prove causation,' but many other pearls of wisdom she shared. In the overview, the neurophysical things we'll cover all make sense, thanks to Dr. Bush's thorough descriptions of brain function.

I'm looking forward to the class. At the same time, I feel bad for my classmates who haven't had the benefit of these wonderful professors to make this graduate material less intimidating than it could be.

Bring on December 10th!


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