Remember the MCP?

Greetings, programs!

If you do remember the MCP, and understand the first two words of the post, you probably enjoyed the groundbreaking film for computer animation, Tron.

In San Diego last year, at ComiCon, lucky attendees got to experience Flynn's Arcade once again AND were treated to a trailer for the then recently announced Tron Legacy. This year, Flynn's Arcade is open for business for those who travel the San Diego downtown area.

Apparently, Encom International has a big press conference scheduled for the convention tomorrow. (You'll want to poke around that site, programs.)

It makes me want to go and dig a pair of light cycles out of the toy bins in one of the kid's closets. Who knew when I bought those things almost 10 years ago that we'd be seeing such a huge announcement-or find things on the Internet like this?

The best part is probably that come November, Game Teen will have a new soundtrack to play over and over.

Flynn Lives!


LceeL said…
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh COOOOOOOLLLL.

Tron was AMAZING when it came out - one can only hope that 'Legacy' will live up.

I. can't. wait.

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