We Interrupt this Crazy Semester to Report

One test down, two to go.

Ed and the kids are going to enjoy Kennedy Space Center without me. If I wasn't so engrossed in the studying, I'd be miffed that I won't experience with them. Now, I'm like "Meh, I'll go next time," because I know my kids-there WILL be a next time.

If you get a free printer with your new laptop, donating the old all in one to a non profit organization (the Boy Scout troop) is a big hit. Really big hit. Extra points for emailing them the link to the printer drivers because the church where the meetings are held does not have Internet access, so they have to get those drivers before they use it. (It paid for itself in the first six months we had it, because we faxed something like 500 pages with the darn thing.)

Facebook has a warped sense of humor. They keep putting up ads for me to become a Biology teacher, to take my students (WTF?) to Europe for free, or to get my PhD online with a school I've never heard of in my life. Then, add to that the suggested friends have included the ex-husband's wife and the guy who banned me from his website. Very funny, Facebook.

When I ask the kids "Would you like me to make empa...", I don't get the whole question out before they're both saying "Yes Yes YEEEEESSSSSSSE" Now, if only I can track down that El Viajara dipping cheese again!


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