I Love Technology!

Last night was a shining example of some of the advances we've made in the past 25 26 years since I entered college. Some highlights:

We went from taking tests and waiting 2 to 3 weeks for the professor to grade them all (in blue books) before we got them back to grade stalking the college website because the instructor used Scantrons.

Back then, you waited for the college to mail you your grades at the end of the semester (again, a 2 to 3 week wait) to finding out before they are officially submitted.

Instead of getting a poster sized paper with 10 point typeface that listed every class the college offered that semester, then waiting in a long line in the gym to register for your classes-then finding out the section was filled now we are able to look at most of NEXT SPRING'S grad school offerings online and knowing exactly how many seats are available. All 2,000 or so offerings each semester are populated 3-6 months early, and you can start planning schedules-you just can't register yet.

Instead of having a question for the professor and hoping they had office hours that day (because the college didn't give them phones in their offices back then), now you can pop them an email at midnight. Very frequently, they respond five minutes later.

To this:

Mi profesora escrib├│ la tarea on the blackboard while we were taking last night's examen. Of course, all books have to be packed away prior to the test (especially mine, which is covered with artwork that portrays various vocabulario). I didn't feel like digging my stuff out of a 20 something pound pack that was already on my back, so I took a picture.

Now that I'm done with today's test (a 90 in AbPsych-instant scoring-yay technology), I can look at this and get cracking on the assignment!


meghan said…
Hehe, that binder with the pictures rocks :)

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