Happy Camper

Chef has returned from camp. It was a very quiet week around here, and he's back and singing, whistling and merrily playing video games.

I think he grew two inches while he was gone. He definitely looks older-maybe because he celebrated his birthday at camp. I'm convinced he wants to keep the dirt he collected at camp, because he's been home almost 8 hours and still hasn't showered.

The trip was full of memorable moments. He earned four merit badges, got to use a diving board for the first time, made a troll face in pottery and found a bear cub in his tent.

Yes, a bear cub. He said he'd left his tent early this morning to take a whizz (his words). It was very, very quiet, so quiet that all he heard was his pee. He goes back into his tent and there's the cub, sniffing his cot. He backed out and went over to the pavillion where one of the leaders was resting. He ended up sleeping on one of the benches in there.

In the morning, the sleeping bag he'd been using as a pillow was out on the ground outside the tent. He told his tent mate about it and discovered that the same thing had happened earlier in the evening when HE was sleeping. The tent mate was already back in his cot (and under the mosquito enclosure) when the cub came in.

I told him the cub must have found his cot juuuuuuussssst right.

While he was a little homesick, if you ask him if he wants to go back next week, he says 'Heck, yeah.'

He's making plans for next year...


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