Feed Me Friday

In the various pictures of food on the blog, this one is a first. A grilled meal.

It does not mean we do not care for grilled items, rather, the lack speaks to the lack of ability to do so. We had a nice, simple gas grill, but the ignitor bar rusted out of it-twice. The first time, the manufacturer was still in business, so Ed ordered a replacement. The second time, we were SOL. Despite being the strange people who grilled in the winter up north, we were without the means to do so in a place where it can be enjoyed year round.

When we moved in here, Jane had left behind the Smokey Joe. It's small, so it won't do the whole meal, but there's nothing like a good char on a burger to make a meal great. Heck, you don't even need fine china!

Alas, one of our plans didn't pan out-the cheese filled burgers on the grill didn't cook quickly, so they were finished in the pan-but the flavor was there. That was good enough for me.


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