An Evening with Family

A big part of moving to Florida six years ago was because it brought us closer to family. Recently, family members moved to Florida so that they could be closer to family, too. Ed's sister by proxy, Betsy, husband Tod and son Michael moved a half hour away. (Betsy's brother lives an hour in another direction, too.)

Tonight, we got to see their new place and enjoy a meal and companionship. It was so nice to actually sit and shoot the breeze, laugh about the things we all find amusing and share what we know about their new town (it's minutes from scouts and our old stomping grounds.)

They found a wonderful house in a quiet neighborhood that backs onto a lake. Chef's favorite part was probably the treehouse, and he took these pictures from his bird's eye vantage point.

For next visit, I need to brush up on pinocle rules, because they apparently are a couple of card sharks!


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