Finals Week

And the first test of the week wasn't a final.

It was my Spanish test, and it was clear that all my efforts were spent studying for the other two exams. Even with a couple of hours today and 4-5 hours of study in the past week, I bombed it (by my standards).

I probably got an 80.

At least there's two more tests and I had either a 92 or 93 overall heading into that one...


JW said…
It is apparent for me that my mind cannot totally comprehend Spanish or my study skills lack quite a bit. When I think I have it I find out I don't. And if you notice in class I raise my hand in order to read out of the book but hardly to respond to questions. Every notice that? Psychology.
Suzanne said…
Mind over matter, mi amigo. Though I will say, my ears were not working well last night!

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