Feed Me Friday

I guess it is a good thing I decided to text a friend a picture, because I'd forgotten about a food post.

My friend Meghan is a huge fan of the Summer Salad at Crispers. She got me hooked on them, too. Only I don't get them 5 days a week. You could probably cut Meghan and she'd bleed this delicious concoction.

A good salad is always appealing. Until recently, my number one all time favorite was the Fuji Apple Chicken at Panera Bread, but this one is better. So is the kickin' Crab Chowder.

Enough so that when I finished up my visit at the Genius bar today, I walked past the Panera in the mall and drove up the block and got this:

You really don't want to see the soup bowl, because I pretty much inhaled it. If ever I got my hands on that recipe, I'd be in serious trouble...


meghan said…
"You could probably cut Meghan and she'd bleed this delicious concoction"
LMAO, I think that's a bit of a stretch! Salad-wise I've been getting more from McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A (the better of the two) since they're cheaper and usually more convenient. But OMG that crisper's salad..... mmmmm :) Although I do need to try that Apple salad at Panera that you keep talking about. Sorry for the disjointedness of this, I'm most of the way through my 12-hr shift and hangnig in there, lol.

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