Lexulous Junkie

I always loved playing Scrabble. In my house growing up, I was an avid reader, and my Dad capitalized on it. I was given a bunch of books about lexography and a deluxe edition of Scrabble.

No one would play against me. Mind you, my siblings were at least five years older than me-they said they didn't want to get creamed.

I still have that deluxe set, which has been used maybe a dozen or so times. Ed won't play, but then again, I've never asked him because he's not into board games.

Thanks goes to Facebook, because now I can play. Friends, random strangers, anyone else who wants to play. One of my profs and a friend who writes professionally were willing to play against me-and promptly started wiping the floor with me. All those two letter and three letter combos? I knew they were at the front of my scrabble dictionary, but I never bothered to learn them.

I'm a quick study, though. There have been a couple of wins, a draw and I've even gotten within a few points of my prof (she's a Lexulous goddess, I must say.)

At any given time, I'm playing against one of three people, and the tips I've picked up lead to this tonight:

I laid down erode.

This is on top of the last game, getting 54 points for putting down wax, then adding a y to the bottom for a triple word score.

It's nice not having to pick up the tiles after someone walks away, annoyed that I was winning...


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