Well, the Chinese Spammers Are Learning

If you've ever commented on my blog, you may have noticed some Chinese text in the box that comes up. It states that 'comments that are not written in English will not be posted." Before you point out the obvious, yes, I have published comments in French and Spanish.

My main issue is that all of those comments have hyperlinks and text in a language that the vast majority of us do not read. I don't want to be responsible for someone being sent to an Asian porn site, thanks to Vista's 'hover' feature.

The message in Chinese has not slowed them down from submitting comments. I'll just keep rejecting them. Tonight, though, there was a comment in English with the same stuff.

Too bad the English didn't have anything to do with the post



Anne said…
Dear Suzanne,

Thankfully, I think I have typed-in the correct keyword in my browser, that I was directed to your site. I am plagued with the same kind of Chinese spammers almost everyday, and I have been searching for the right keyword in my search engine to get to see if other people like me receive stuff like that. It is consolation enough for me to know there are people like you who get the same nasty stuff.

I am wondering why I am a target -- I guess it is because I write about my love for the Lord, and one time, I wrote about one spammer and filed it under my Random post. They will not stop, and sometimes it irritates me already. I know they've read my blog entry about how disgusted I feel, so they all the more targetted me. Because I even posted a screenshot of what I got in my email inbox.

I don't know how they do it, or if what you receive is the same as mine --- I get Chinese characters of some sort, and next to it, is a blank line -- that when you hover your mouse on it, will direct you to nasty porn blogsites... And when I check on their sites, nothing! Just a blog with Chinese stuff even my google translator could not translate well. (oh heck!)

Yes, sometimes they send me messages in English -- but in WRONG English, something like, "I like your artical..." Freaks me out really!

I dunno if they will be able to "follow" me here after you publich this message... Honestly, I hope Blogger could do something about these people.

Anyway, please do feel free to visit my site, or perhaps we could connect and stay in touch. I feel like I soooo need a support group to combat these bad guys. ^_^

Suzanne said…

We're not alone. It's been plaguing me for a while, but it got worse in April-about the same time that my gmail account got 'hijacked' for a day. All I can do is keep moderation up, because those sites are horrible!

I'll be popping by, thanks for the invite!
Zer0_II said…
This is a problem that every blogger must deal with. You aren't specifically being targeted, and it's most likely a script doing the spamming, rather than an actual person sitting behind a screen posting comments all day. That means they aren't going to read your message in Chinese because they are only programmed to comment and go to the next blog/site.

The best way to prevent spam on blogger is just to enable the CAPTCHA system. I was getting a lot of spam from China myself, and turning on the CAPTCHA system, coupled with commment moderation, all but eliminated the spam comments I was receiving.

I hope this helps. Take care.
Suzanne said…
Thanks for the comment. I didn't even consider that it was automated. Captcha will be added back in, thanks!
Suzanne said…
Interesting, Capcha is turned on and I haven't played with that setting for a while. If anyone is not getting the word verification, let me kknow, so I can ask Blogger for help.

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