I Love The Far East

For the humorous things they write.

Lost in translation can surely apply to the things in my inbox lately and the item that arrived in the mail yesterday. I got a picture, but I need to crop it to post.

See, I bought an Otter Box for my iPhone last month. After cracking the screen, I wanted something sturdy to protect mine. I found a better deal on eBay. Who wants to pay 25 bucks for packaging, anyway?

Well, a long time ago, Ed and I determined that having the same case on our phones is a baaaad idea. I cop to this one-I thought his phone was mine and tossed it into my bag, right before I flew to Florida with the kids. He drove down here by himself with a Jeep packed to the gills and no phone.

So I went looking for an Otter Box in another color and found some knock offs and got one in a preferred color (yellow) sent from Singapore. It arrived in some curious packaging.

But the better one was on the back. The picture is blurry, but the product was "Designed in Somewhere by Someone."

Makes all those blog comments in a language I don't read make more sense...


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