Dole Cools Us Off

Dole contacted me recently to see if I wanted to host a smoothie party and create some recipes using their frozen fruit products. I jumped at the chance, one because who doesn't love smoothies? and 2. I really like Dole's fruit products.

Tonight, the boys and I planned to take a test run of one of the ideas I had. Insert a public service announcement here: do not, I repeat, DO NOT, store your blender in a hot garage in Florida. The piece that spins the blade in my KA blender MELTED in the heat of the garage.

Fall back plan: Make them in the food processor. That worked nicely. See?

So the recipe:
1 bag DOLE frozen Mango chunks
1 6 oz Yoplait custard style Strawberry yogurt
8 oz ginger ale
8-12 oz water

It was smooth, it was creamy and both boys inhaled these glasses of goodness so quick I was worried they would get a brain freeze.

If you're following Weight Watchers (as a friend is), each serving, using regular ginger ale, is 3.7 points.

There will be more recipes and info coming, because we're going to have fun making lots of different kinds later this week.


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