No Alarm Mornings

They are the best thing ever. Although someone else's alarm (coughEDcough) went off at 11am and woke me up. Still, it beats the norm lately.

The past six weeks have been all about getting up no later than 8 am and studying. While the kids have been sleeping in, I've been taking advantage of the quiet and playing a few games of Lexulous and Farklestudying without a break.

Yesterday's exam marked the end of the insanity. Over the next few weeks, there have been a few major things due one on top of another. Now, there are NO tests this week, only a paper that has been well fleshed out, no tests next week, two exams that are spaced out the following week and two tests in Spanish the final week-but one is a video I have to make of my house.

Friday afternoon, I met up with the biology prof during office hours to find out what I should focus my efforts on for the test. In conversation, it came up that I'd had tests in three of my four classes. He told me four summer classes is like taking six classes during the fifteen week semesters.

Yeah, I kind of realized that two weeks in.

It probably is a good explanation why the posts have been rather short and sweet lately, and they will be for a few more.

Trying to squeak out more good grades, you know. Maybe even an A in the dreaded Biology.

Only time will tell.