Here We Go Again

Semester break. A time for relaxing and catching up on house cleaning, maybe heading to one of the three Busch properties with the kids and enjoying days with the family after the ten week boot camp. Maybe getting the damn knot out of my neck and the other health issues under control.

A phone call today instead means I need to go get some answers, because what was said was confusing. The questions I asked were answered in tangents. The main statement "I need to stay out of the hospital for 90 days" is probably an exercise in futility.

Especially when the person has spent about 400 of the past 1,800 in the hospital. In the last two weeks, one in, one out and one in again. The bad part is that this last one involved getting lost and passing out in the 95 degree heat and coming to in the hospital emergency room. (Which is why the phone call was a little surprising, since I am usually notified of hospital admissions)

Instead of taking it easy, it looks like the next few weeks will be spent preparing for the inevitable hospital stay and the scramble for a new placement. Otherwise, I suspect we'll be clutching at straws in about a month...


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